Programs and Services

 General Medicine | Value Added Program | Uninsured Services | Nurses Program

    Allergy Injection
    Contraception (IUD Insertion, pregnancy test)
    Routine Immunization
    Tuberculosis Skin Tests
    Annual Physicals
    Nebulizers for asthma exacerbations

It is a package offered by the clinic to cover different medical services usually charged to patient per service. By signing to be part of this program, many of these services may be covered for a whole year no matter how often you use or ask for them.

For more information, please read the documents below:
Value Added Program- Information Package
Value Added Program- Registration Form

Please note: Dr. Dworkin and Dr. Gunnink also offer email communication to their patients
Value Added Progam- Information Package (Dr. Dworkin-Dr. Gunnink)
Value Added Program- Registration Form (Dr. Dworkin-Dr. Gunnink)
Email Communication Consent Form

 **Prices are subject to changes at any time without notice**

    Third party physical
    Medical Certificate
    Pregnancy test
    Liquid nitrogen- warts and other cosmetic lesions
    Tuberculosis test
    Transfer of medical records
    Uninsured vaccinations
    Immunization Record Replacement
    Wart Removal
    Driver’s Med and Form (by appointment only)
    Pension Buy Back Forms (by appointment only)


1. Registered Nurse

We have an RN specialized in:

  •     Diabetes
  •     Hypertension
  •     High Cholesterol
  •     Child Wellness
  •     Weight Management
  •     Your Medications
  •     Wart Treatments
  •     Routine Pap Smears

Your Registered Nurse, Dianne Friske, is now available by appointment to assist in answering your health care questions.

Please see the front desk staff to leave your name and phone number and Dianne will contact you directly.

(No Doctor’s appointment required)

2. Mental Health Registered Nurse

We can provide you with the following services:

  • Counseling and Supportive Services for:
    Grief and bereavement
    Addiction and gambling
    Coping with life change
    Anxiety disorder
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Need for more information and support on use of Psychotropic medications
  • Liaisons to different community health support services

Our Mental Health Nurse is available by appointment. You can call our office or the mental health nurse directly at 613-228-2882 to book an appointment with her.